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Wood burning stoves & electric fires.


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Wood burning stoves

Scroll down to see a selection of some of our wood burning fires. Click next selection to see more wood burning fires.

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Aarrow Ecoburn 11+

Aarrow Ecoburn 11+


  • Output from 11Kw
  • High-temperature air-wash system for clean glass
  • Wood or multifuel options
  • Stainless steel throat plate, ash pan and cover
  • Clean burn control for higher efficiency
  • Optional stands, canopies, traceries, add-in boilers and convector kit


Eco Boiler 20HE

Ecoboiler 20HE


  • Pre heated air-wash system
  • Top or rear flue outlet
  • Burns wood and solid fuel
  • Stainless steel ash pan
  • "Easy Boost" system
  • Suitable for installation in an indirect/open-vented central heating system
  • Primary and secondry burn to improve efficiency
  • Large, externally controlled riddling grate
Yeoman CL8

Yeoman CL8


  • Top or rear flue
  • Woodburning and Multi-guel models
  • Yeoman air-wash system
  • Tertiary air system gives clean burn
  • Top or rear flue
  • High performance firebox lining to enhance combusion process
Yeoman County

Yeoman County


  • Burns wood or multifuel
  • Large combustion chamber for large logs
  • Top or rear flue
  • Flat top, low or high canopy
  • Choice of door styles
Jotul F3

Jotul 3

3.4Kw to 9Kw

  • Burns wood or multifuel
  • Cast iron construction with large glass door
  • Tough enamel surface, choice of colours
  • Secondary burn chamber
  • Clean burn system for maximum heat output and minimum smoke emission
Riva Studio 2

Riva Studio 2


  • Provides frameless "hole in the wall" fire look
  • Slim profile decorative frame
  • Matt Black finish
  • Impressive flame picture provides aesthetic appeal
Jotul F373

Jotul F373

3.6Kw to 9Kw

  • Redot Design Award
  • Features 360 degree rotation to view the flames from anywhere in the room
  • Complete with elegant pedestal
  • Cast iron stove with air-wash system for clean glass
  • Burns wood or multifuel
  • Large combustion chamber for large logs
Stovax Stockton 7

Stovax Stockton 7


  • Burns wood or solid fuel
  • Air-wash system for clean glass
  • Clean burn
  • Choice of colours

Using your wood burning stove

The best wood to burn is hardwood. Spain has several varieties of wood ideally suited to burn in wood burning stoves.

Olive, almond and orange wood is common and easy to obtain and produces excellent heat output.

Softwood such as pine, lime, poplar and chestnut do not produce much heat. Pine and fir kindle quickly but throw out glowing sparks and tend to clog the flue with resinous soot, and so should be avoided.

The logs must be dry, since damp wood gives off much less heat and clogs the fire and chimney with soot.

Ideally logs should be stored in a dry sheltered and well aired location for two years.

Never burn varnished, painted or waxed wood as it gives off harmful toxic gases.

What is a multifuel stove?

Many of our fires are designed for multifuel use. which means they can burn also burn solid fuel or peat, or they can be used for wood only.

Multifuel fires have a riddling grate to allow the ash to be riddled into a built-in ash pan.

Fires intended to burn only logs have a fixed grate and no ash pan since this fuel burns best on a bed of ashes.

What is an air-wash system?

Most of our fires incorporate air control systems to ensure a cleaner burn, greater efficiency and more heat output.

Air is drawn down over the inside of the glass to keep it clean and clear.

Secondary air is pre-heated as it passes through a heat exchanger chamber within the firebox. This air is then drawn into the smokestream where it combines with the unburnt hydrocarbons to provide a cleaner burn and improved thermal efficiency.


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