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Pellet fires

With the ever rising cost of oil, gas and electricity, finding an economical and environmentally friendly heating option is increasingly important. Pellet fires can provide a solution to the problem. Even though they have been available for 20 years it is only recently that the popularity of pellet fires has increased.

Pellet fires burn pellets which are made of reconstituted waste wood. These come in15kg bags, which are easy to handle and store, ideal if you are living in an apartment or town house where storage of wood is a problem. Because the pellets contain very little moisture, the efficiency of the fires can be as much as 93%. The fires, which are controlled electronically, can be programmed to switch on and off up to 3 times a day and also operated remotely by GPRS.

And now the technical bit. Pellet fires are forced air driven from an internal fan, so the gases are blown from the unit allowing a smaller diameter flue, typically 8cm and also horizontal flue runs if required. Both of these factors can reduce installation costs.

These fires are contemporary in design and range in size from 5 to 20kw, with bot room and water heating capacity. Some models also have potential for ducted hot air to other rooms and living spaces. Many of the larger output fires are stand alone but cassette pellet fires are also available with outputs from 4 to 14kw. Whole house boiler systems are available for both central heating and hot water, the running costs of which are a fraction of oil or gas.

Dorina in Bordeaux Graziosa Lux in Pegamina Ecoforest Cies
Dorina in Bordeaux Graziosa Lux in Pegamina Ecoforest Cies
Comfort P80 MCZ Cute Piazzetta P936
Comfort P80 MCZ Cute Piazzetta P936

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